So I have officially delved into the blogging world!  A few months ago I noticed myself always Googling recipes in blogs… “Butternut squash bisque recipe blog”, “spicy dill pickle canning recipe blog”, etc.  I love reading personal stories and experiences behind a recipe.  Then I started realizing that blogging is more than sharing a family recipe.  While some people share heart-wrenching stories of overcoming odds, some people write a journal of one’s life to share with distant family members.  I hope through my own journey, I can meet fellow bloggers who share my interests and help others through their own struggles.  Although I am still unsure of the direction this blog will take, there is one thing that I plan on sharing… my desire to lead a more simple life.

I am 24 (25 next month) and have hit my quarter-life crisis!  I got laid off two days ago and have now joined the ranks of unemployed in this country.  Although I am terrified of what will happen next, I have a great support system around me.  My parents who support any and all decisions I make (though when they know I am going to fail, they shut their mouths as I learn my lesson, then offer open arms when it happens).  My two older brothers, who teased me quite a bit… and well, still do.  But I still value and honor their opinion and advice.  My boyfriend, who helped me realize that life is about doing what you want, not what you are told is status quo.  And my two critters… Cappie, a 10 year old Maine Coon cat, who I saved from being brought to a shelter a few months ago by a neighbor.  Seriously, how would a 10 yr old, outdoor cat, get adopted while locked up in a cage?! (fyi- I hated cats.. until I met this one)… and finally Boomer, a crazy 4.5 month old mutt that my boyfriend and I adopted in early December.

I may not have a steady income currently and suddenly being without a job was a shock, but I am thinking of this as a blessing.  I did not like my job, in fact I struggled with some moderate anxiety while being there.  The management was degrading, the treatment of non-management was sub-par, and the rules were only in place for the little people… allowed to be broken by anyone else.

In the meantime, I have no clue what I will do…. but I have a silly dream of opening a winery in VT and maybe this is my calling, maybe that dream isn’t so silly (my supportive family certainly thinks it is a great idea).

So here is to dreaming big….

and to chasing those dreams.

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