because I can…

Because I can…. this is what it was doing all day (snowing!!) and this is what my precious puppy looks like.  Yes, yes, he has some ears to fill, but he is pretty damn cute.  How someone could return him to a rescue for not being ‘good enough’ is beyond me!

Last night, I had a slight accident while making some homemade croutons.  My pointer finger and thumb had an argument with a far superior and sharper bread knife.  I cut myself clean.  About 1/3 of the way through my thumb and about ¼ of the way through my nail and skin on my pointer finger.  After about an hour of bleeding, a few tears, and some stress of ‘is my health insurance up yet?!’, I hopped in my car with a red stained rag on my hand and drove to the woods about 10 minutes away.  I hiked about a ½ mile up hill, crossed a melting brook, while yelling for my boyfriend and the dog (he can hear better right?).  I didn’t find them… I was cold.  I was still bleeding and I didn’t know if I needed stitches.  I made it home, tossed some hydrogen peroxide on the cuts, wrapped them up, then wrangled open a bottle of wine with one hand (and a broken opener).  Impressive, I know.

My boyfriend cuts himself daily so I figured he would know what to do.  Apparently he noticed footprints in the snow following his and then saw some tire tracks in the usually barren fields.  He figured I would be the only one stupid enough to think to drive down the icy field to his pump house (he’s a maple syrup maker).  He came home, saw my hand and said, “yep, your thumb may need a few”.  I am on the verge of being broke, so I opted to sooth the throbbing with more wine, throw a butterfly on the thumb and hope it would stop bleeding.


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