and life goes on…

So I have been away from the blogging thing for a while, my apologies to the few who may read this…

I have no excuse, except that life got in the way. I am reorganizing my priorities and since I love writing, cooking, gardening, and sharing things that I know or have learned (or want to learn), I realized I needed to start up again. I need an outlet at the end of the day; a way to release my mind from whatever life throws at it.

What have I been up to lately? Well, figuring out life goals for one- going back to school (YIKES!), planting a gigantic garden, working, and trying to enjoy summer. So yes, school. What am I thinking? Well, I am thinking of becoming a teacher, a high-school science teacher to be exact. There is a great alternative accelerated program that I somehow managed to get in to. I hope to enjoy the summer and reap the rewards from hard work in the garden. Plus- I plan to can everything possible in hopes I won’t put myself in even MORE debt during school! Now if only a hunting fairy-man shows up with some deer to stock the freezer for the winter.

Although summer has really just begun, I have managed to enjoy a few things…


This is about half of the garden, which is approximately 1100 square feet! I snapped this right after planting some shell beans, snap peas, kale, carrots, and radishes… among others…


The first real summer sunset of the season.


Boomer found a place to relax on his first camping trip (and first canoe trip!) during Memorial Day-weekend.


Summer also calls for one of my favorites- grilled pizza (and wine).

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