garden update

Boomer was feeling quite rash this evening. So after I cleaned the home (for the visiting family arriving tomorrow) and after I ate some dinner, we got to ‘go for a ride’ (queue the cute head tilt!). When the dog is full of energy, I like to take the lazy route and ride the wheeler around the fields near the garden. We have clocked the dog running at 28 mph through the fields (well, we were driving that fast and he was keeping up just fine!), so he gets plenty tired. It’s also an excuse for me to get down to the garden and check up on things.

We recently had a good soaking rain, followed by bright, warm, and dry days. Those days are predicted to continue for a while (yay!). But what does rain + sun spell? WEEDS! It also spells slugs (slugs eating the lush leaves of my vegetables). Yes, that is right, it spells two things at once!

My escarole. Besides the garlic and onions, the only only other veggie that the pests don’t destroy.

The onion patch.. just reaching toward the sky.

One of my favorite pictures: like little hands reaching for a friend to help them along.

I snapped this to point out the evisceration of my plant on behalf of slugs. Then I noticed the little black dots to the upper right and left of the slug… those are flea beetles; infamous for eating Cole crops. My broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage still looks okay… now if only they would leave my kale alone!

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