hot hot heat

Yesterday, as I left work, my car thermometer read 95 degrees. Today, it read 96 degrees. I hate heat. I hate HUMID heat. I played hooky from work on Tuesday knowing that the heat was approaching (and because I needed a personal day!). For 3.5 hours, I weeded the garden.  Well, I weeded the garden beds- our little tiller broke to keep the weeds down between rows. I picked up a hand tiller, scary looking thing, but have yet to use it due to the heat. Maybe tomorrow?

I snapped a picture of the growing greens. We have 28 tomato plants- with their hoop house ready to go in the event that blight decides to make another visit. There are a whole bunch of onions, shell beans, snap peas, various other beans (green, french, purple, wax), cabbage, broccoli, squashes, garlic, kale and a couple rows of corn. A couple of our other plants are struggling due to the heat.

Speaking of heat. My place 82 degrees inside. I am struggling with what to make for dinner. Salads are great on a hot day, but I covered that ground yesterday (and Monday). What can you make that is easy on a hot day?? Either uncooked or only using the grill?? Suggestions are appreciated!

Check out this gorgeous garden! No sign of squash beetles yet!! Only some flea beetles.

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