Craft Corner: Old Canvas Print, Revived!


Craft Corner, eh? Well, I’m not sure if this will be any type of permanent thing, but since we’ve moved and I haven’t had steady pay, I’ve been feeling quite crafty. Who says you can’t decorate on a budget? Pshh. Not I! So the ‘craft corner’ may not be a weekly or bi-weekly post (though I hope it is!), but maybe we will find the time to post a little crafty tid-bit every month! And by the way- I am no artist, in fact my artisitic talent is pretty slim, so I hope to post some easy crafts that are fool-proof for others like me. I’ll also focus on re-purposing old items, just seems more sustainable (and more importantly, cheap!). Here is goes…


Do you have some terrible old canvas print lying around? Maybe you can pick up a cheap one at a thrift shop… I got mine at cheap-o store for $2. I used it for a year in it’s ugly pink state (what was I thinking!?!), but let me tell you, it looks much better now adorning our freshly painted second bathroom. With some vinyl stick-on letters, acrylic paint, and your favorite quote an old canvas print can be a simple focal point in a few easy steps. I found the idea here… along with another 1,000 craft project ideas!!! Oy!

1. Ensure your old canvas is clean (it can be a real canvas print or not… mine wasn’t real).

2. Do some research to find a quote or saying that means something to you. I used the Emerson quote, “Earth laughs in flowers,” because it describes my outlook on the natural world around us.

3. Using 1 or 2 inch vinyl letters, write out the quote on the canvas. This can be as neat and lined as you desire… or not.


4. Using basic acrylic craft paint, squirt a generous amount on to the canvas.


5. With a foam/sponge brush, spread the acrylic all over the canvas. Cover the sides as well. You can coat the canvas as thick or thin as you want. I recommend starting thin to see what transparency you like.

6. When the paint has dried, peel off the vinyl letters. A small blade may help lift them off.

IMG_06718. (Optional) Seal with an acrylic sealer. Because I used white paint and planned to hang it in the bathroom, I figured maybe it would be easier to clean in the future.



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