Mount Elmore, VT Winter Hike


Mount Elmore. Pretty, huh? At 2,608 feet, it is the northern most peak of Vermont’s Worcester Range. Nothing special in terms of height or difficulty, but it does offer incredible 360° views from the top of the fire tower. It is located just on the eastern side of Morrisville, VT in Elmore, right above Elmore lake. Through a little research, I learned that long ago 38 fire towers once stood atop various mountains in Vermont. Today, only 12 still stand, including the one on Mt. Elmore. Maybe I should try to explore all 12. Hmm, the ideas…  Well, I guess I’ll have to hit up this one again, as we didn’t even make it to the tower!


For some reason, I thought the hike would be shorter, but 2.5 hours later, Boomer and I returned to the subie, tired and sore. I chose not to bring my snowshoes, as the trail looked quite packed from the parking lot. Big mistake #1, well, big thigh builder #1. Along our route we found 3 old chimneys, two near the trail head and one at the look-out, our turn-around place. The trail that continued to the fire tower hadn’t been broken in a while and I didn’t feel like doing it without snowshoes!

IMG_1105I take break… Boomer does not.

IMG_1110Beautiful view. We started at lake level.

IMG_1092Spruce in the snow.



A long, deep-snow hike leads to one tired dog (who loves my brand new, but used $24.99 ($1000 msrp) Savers chair… thanks Mom for the birthday gift!)

2 thoughts on “Mount Elmore, VT Winter Hike

    • I grew up outside of Boston (and had an internship there after graduation)… needless to say, I ended up back here! So many great day hikes/snowshoes! I’m sure you are familar with Philo if you are from Shelburne… great little hike, esp. in the fall! I hope you return to the ‘slower’ life soon. Enjoy the city!

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