Spring Fever!!

IMG_1171fresh out of the tree

Yes, it’s only the beginning of March… but was sunny yesterday, sunny today, and should be sunny tomorrow. There is not a cloud in the sky, the thermometer reads 49 degrees, and the sap is running!

What better way to celebrate this weather than to plant seeds and start thinking GARDENING!?! I finally found time to get my hands dirty – literally dirt-y! Then I baked a vanilla cake with maple frosting (recipe to come) and layed out on the porch to bask in the glory of sun and fresh air! Check out some photos…


tapped trees




pouring down the lines


boiling during a beautiful sunset

And for the planting of seeds….


Using the sink to expand the seed-starting peat… great idea!


oh the garden dilemma – so many seeds, so little time!


peppers, just waiting to sprout


What I’ve planted for veggies (thus far!)
4 – Jalapeno
4 – Cherry Pepper
4 – Pepperoncini
5 – Orange Bell Pepper
5 – Chinese Giant Bell Pepper
3 – Chili Verde Pepper
2 – Hot Lemon Pepper
3 – Tomatillio
3 – Yellow Pear Tomato
4 – ‘Long Keeper’ Tomato
14 – Roma Tomato
3 – ‘Mortgage Lifter’ Tomato
3 – ‘Jubilee’ Tomato
6 – Broccoli
6 – Cauliflower
4 – ‘Romanesco’ Broccoli
3 – ‘Black Beauty’ Eggplant
3 – ‘Asian’ Eggplant
5 – Cabbage
5 – Purple Cabbage
6 of each – Fennel, Leek, Celery, Lavender, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Dill, Basil, Thai Basil, Cilantro, Parsley
What I’ve planted for flowers (thus far!)
Marigold Snowdrift
Marigold Marietta
Zinnia Cut & Come Again
Zinnia Purity
Zinnia Pinwheel
Chrysthansemum Polar
Chrysthansemum Tri-color
Painted Daisy

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