The Garden is Calling!

IMG_1513Parsley and basil and dill OH MY!

Well, we had to move unexpectedly. We knew it was coming, but we weren’t planning to HAVE to get out. Let’s just say it ended with me driving a couple of outfits, toiletries, and the squawking cat and Ty driving a couple Carhart’s and the dog to his parents. We are moving back to our old town, renting from our old landlord, but in a brand-spankin-new place. It’s slated to be completed the first week in June, so in the meantime we are hopscotching around. Fun stuff. Hey, it’s the challenges in life that build character, right?

Fortunately, we were able to get our hands in the garden a few days before the moving shenanigans. We got some manure, Ty tilled and expanded the garden (yet again), and we got most of our raised rows created. Onions and garlic are sprouting, the chives and rhubarb are back, and a new asparagus bed was planted! I am itching with excitement to get my butt in the garden this weekend and plant up a storm! There is nothing more soothing and mind-clearing than a day digging in the dirt.

We don’t really have much to show now. The fence needs fixing and expanding (yes our fence is approximately 10 feet tall… apparently moose are not the brightest creatures). The edges still need to be weeded and we need to build a permanent raised bed for herbs and lettuces. Check out some recent before and after pictures. Hopefully by Sunday, I’ll have a better update to share!


we kind of neglected the garden in the fall – which meant much more to clean up this spring


A piece of rhubarb from my Grandpa’s childhood farm – planted last year and currently growing strong (I can’t wait to make wine from this)


Boomer found a baby carrot


flowers sprouting


looking better – almost ready to go!

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