The plants are in… well, half of them anyway


I was greeted by the song of this little fella on the garden fence…

Well, I did get by butt in the garden, but after a little over 6 hours, I only planted about half of what I had hoped to! I planned to hold off on planting peppers and tomatoes because we live in northern New England, where you n.e.v.e.r know when winter will actually end, but I had planned on getting everything else in the ground. Wishful thinking. I definitely needed Ty to help plant. I think the size of our garden this year requires two people to complete any task in a reasonable amount of time.

I planted snap peas, carrots, radishes, beets, wax and green beans from seed and I got a whole bunch of other ‘starts’ into the dirt.

IMG_1576Chives are up and ready to be eaten.

IMG_1591Sage (is it time to dress that turkey yet??)


Have you ever seen Cilantro like this? I may have picked and nibbled a few leaves…


Onion… standing tall!


Marigolds are ready to protect!


Rainbow Chard


Rain on the way. Forecast is calling for a perfect week of warmth, sun, and drizzle. I’ve got to get the rest planted!!


I pass this wild apple on every trip to the garden. Thank you Johnny for giving Vermont such an abundance of a beautiful tree! 

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