Thar She Grows!

IMG_1652The very first edibles of the season.

After a month (not even kidding) of rain and rain and rain and rain and wait… some more rain, we finally had a clear day in which I could get to weeding. The grass around the garden is about as tall as my head and the wheeler splashed up muddy goop the entire ride down the hill. I was pleased to see the garden thriving despite all of the rain and cool weather… well, most of the garden anyway.

IMG_1656Chard (two plantings… no those are not weeds!) and Kale… both almost ready.

My red onions bolted already. Apparently, when onions are under stress in their second season (they are biennials) they bolt. When that happens, they will not keep and will discontinue bulb growth. My project for the week is to yank them and figure out a way to store them. Any ideas? Canning, pickling, freezing?? I’ve got some reasearch to do! Besides the onions, my peppers have barely grown and my garlic looks, well, eh.


Onions, peppers, and garlic aside, everything else is thriving! The snap peas have wrapped their little fingers around the fence and the dry beans are all up and healthy. The broccoli and cabbage have quadrupled in size and are luckily not being attacked by flea beetles! In fact, the flea beetles are few and far between… I even got to pull a few radishes already! Usually our radishes are decimated by the little buggers.



I guess rain is a good thing! (And getting a r.e.a.l teaching job! wa hoo)

4 thoughts on “Thar She Grows!

  1. You could dehydrate your onions. If you don’t have a dehydrator just put them on a sheet of foil/or a pan at a low temp (150) for awhile. Until they have no moisture left. Depending on how thin you slice them it can take awhile (5 hours). Then crumble them up and voila, homemade onion powder! As long as they are completely dried, you can store them in a jar/baggies and they will keep pretty indefinitely!

    • We do have a dehydrator! Do you think purple onions will work okay? Only the purple onions bolted, but the yellows do not look too far behind, so we may just yank them all. What a great idea! I am absolutely going to try this! Thanks!

      • Yes, you can dehydrate ANYTHING! I don’t do it all that often (since I don’t have a dehydrator) but eventually would like to preserve a lot of garden food by dehydrating. Seems like a lot less trouble than canning. You could even sprinkle some salt/spices on and eat them like onion “chips” on salads, etc. Mmm! Happy harvesting! 🙂

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