Gardens never cease to amaze…


If any of you are from the North East, you probably considered building an ark in the recent weeks, too. Daily dog walks involved mud boots and rain coats. I even contemplated buying rain pants! My poor garden got flooded during a huge storm at the end of May… like, water rushing through the garden from the nearby normally peaceful river – serious flooding. At the point of flooding, we had only planted herbs, onions, garlic, and loads of seeds. Luckily we plant in mounded rows, so they withheld a lot of the force of the water, but the soil and established plants took a beating during the flooding and the following weeks of rain (2nd wettest June on record).

IMG_1860Alas, sunny and hot (and humid) weather has arrived. Things are starting to dry out. Last weekend we weeded for hours and I left feeling blue, which is never how I feel after a day in the garden. I had posted toward the end of June that things were looking good, but all of those plants looked tired from trying too hard.  A few weeks later, they looked barely any bigger and were surrounded by weeds. I thought about giving up the whole gardening-thing.


But this weekend, just a few days later, I was met with a pleasant surprise. Almost everything perked up, grew inches, started fruiting, and looked happy. It was an immediate endorphin rush. I pulled any new weeds with a smile on face. I was kneeling in the dirt on a sunny, hot day with sweat rolling down my back and bugs buzzing around my head when I thought to myself, a garden is truly an amazing thing. It was a good day.


Our pepper plants are loaded! For the first time ever!


A lesson from the garden: No matter how cloudy it is, the sun will shine again.


The first of the slicing cucumbers are growing strong. The pickling cukes are still struggling, but I have faith.


Black bean flowers are just beautiful.


This is the earliest we have ever had tomatoes of this size! We are struggling with some early blight though… any tips for beating it? I am pruning like crazy.


Our three tomatillo plants have bounced back and are already setting fruit… even though little buggers are still nibbling away!

IMG_1844And after all of that gardening… a much deserved dip at a local swimming hole was enjoyed. We even got Boomer to jump from near the top (over 6 feet)!! I didn’t have my camera ready for that jump though.

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