About Me

Welcome! I’m Amy. I currently live in Northern Vermont, near the base of Mount Mansfield (the tallest mountain in VT).

I live here with my husband and our two critters, Boomer and Cappie.






We desire to live a simple, homemade lifestyle. Though we are searching {desperately} for our first “homestead”, we are lucky to have land where our garden and sugarhouse are located. Aside from me teaching high-school, we have a growing sugaring business. We (I say ‘we’ loosely) are working to set up the sugarwoods on our first {owned} piece of Vermont land. Ty is a busy man, processing firewood, sugaring, and doing all other things ‘Vermont’.

Our goal is to have the most self-sufficient life as possible.  I thoroughly enjoy growing and preserving our own food. Ty enjoys hunting for ethical meat and I enjoy cooking it. One day we’ll raise chickens and turkeys and other farm-life, but for now, we do as much as we can with what is available to us.

IMG_2024I hope to share with you the joys and challenges of simple living;  seasonal recipes, garden tips, DIY projects, and natural homemaking. I also hope to meet others who enjoy this way of life!

If you have any questions, comments, or just feel like it, email me at any time at hollowbrookfarms@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I just ask that you do not reproduce or use any of these photos (or any others on this site) without permission. Please contact me if you’d like to. 

One thought on “About Me

  1. Thanks for following my blog. You guys are doing the same thing we are doing and loving it! We are from midwest and desired to live in VT for years. There is a county in our state that is like a tiny little Vermont. To stay closer to our roots, we decided to stay close. Enjoy!

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