A Homemade Christmas

IMG_0001Wine cork ornaments made by my Mom, Nana, and my Mom’s cousin, Jane!

This year, as my family and I went to our pre-planned Christmas events, I started noticing a trend. There seemed to be a whole lot of hand made gifts being given; gifts with thought and heart. While this has little to do with food, I thought it would be neat to share with my readers and hopefully spark a few ideas of creativity.

Ty and I had planned on doing a little gift making ourselves, mainly because they mean more… and supplemented by the fact that we are lacking funds. And as he says “my time is free”. Take a look below to see a sampling of what we gave and received this year.


Ty’s beautiful gift to me. My new dog-tooth-chew-mark-less coffee table. There is even a bullet in the wood!


My Yankee Sawp gift. A Bromeliad Terrarium. 


Homemade Dill Pickles, Bread & Butter Pickles, Dill Relish, and Beet and Cabbage Relish. I’ll perfect our tags some day…


Detailed view of a gorgeous cutting board Ty made. Man’s got talent!

IMG_0485Some redneck wine glass made by my Mom and Nana. Everyone got a kick out of these!


We received various framed photos. This happened to be one from the photo booth at my brother’s wedding.


Ty’s sister gave me a set of hand-made cards. They are stunning. I’m stealing this idea for later!


My Aunt Beth made this stunning necklace! She puts my jewelry making skills to shame!


Did you know vanilla extract can be made with vanilla beans and high quality vodka? Well, Ty’s sister did! She gave us this cute jar with homemade vanilla extract.


A beautiful seashell angel from my aunt to hang on my Christmas tree next year… or hang on my wall, though I’m afraid it will be lost against the wood.